Journey to a dark world

Journey to a dark world

I have a Pinterest board dedicated to what I’ve called “Fairies and Gothic Art”. It is in part somewhat of a misnomer. Yes, it features images of fairies – as strange as it may sound, I have always loved fairies, but not in a little girl-princessy sort of way. I am just drawn to the concept of women who live in gardens and can fly away and who have connections to fantastical creatures like dragons I guess! Whereas some people have gnomes in their gardens, I have fairies scattered everywhere.

Ann Stokes
Art work by Ann Stokes


The misnomer is associated with the ”Gothic Art” part. I believe it would be more accurately described as “neo Goth” or “neo Gothic art” or just “dark fantasy art”. I found myself being drawn to it as a result of a clear predilection towards appreciating “dark” fairies. A result perhaps of a gloomier, more pessimistic world?

Nathalia Suellen 

Victoria 1I’m fascinated by some of the imagery, especially when it features women. The artwork itself has to be skilled as well. My favourite artist of the style would have to be Victoria Frances, a Spanish illustrator. Her website describes her style as is “strongly influenced by artistic movements as Romanticism, Symbolism and Pre-Raphaelitism; and most of her works deals with issues related to the Dark Fantasy, Witchcraft, Occultism and the Pagan Folklore”. However, I think it can be best be summarised by the short quotation on her home page, which I absolutely appreciate:



“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,

There is a rapture on the lonely shore…” (Lord Byron)

Victoria 2 

Luis 1Byron nails it, indeed. It was as a result of Victoria’s art that I landed on Luis Royo’s works. Luis Royo is another Spanish illustrator. I have a locked Pinterest board on his works because I have a love-hate relationship with them. Some of his works are frankly pornographic featuring buxom women and monsters. I don’t like them but they have an impact because of the shock value. However, I do enjoy his work featuring warrior women and other dark, emotive pieces. If I’m ever pondering on the forbidden, more dangerous side of sex then the perfect symbolism of those thoughts is Luis Royo’s works.

 Luis 3

I have a theory that when the inclination towards being introverted is combined with a tendency to overthink, it results in plummeting the depths of the dark regions of one’s mind.  When it’s all said and done, it’s best to express that darkness through art – either the making of it or the appreciation of it – than any other way. That’s my excuse anyway!


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