The Narcissist? – Part 2


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Unsurprisingly, things were a bit tense when TFW arrived after “that” text message. Gone was his charming smile… and I actually gained the slight impression he was angry at ME. That annoyed me because I wasn’t the one apparently going behind someone’s back and telling someone else she was sexy and sending flirtatious text messages to that someone else.

When he came up the back stairs I experienced a mild shock – I HAD forgotten what he looked like exactly and my imagination had done the rest. That’s why I included the avatar image up the top of this post because what my mind had created since I had seen him in the flesh was so unreal. My overwhelming first impression was – he’s not my ‘type’! But by that time I’d spent the ten minutes it had taken him to get to my place mentally shutting the door on any prospect of a relationship, so it was irrelevant what ‘type’ he was. I wanted him to put my cupboard door handle on, have his drink then go out of my life forever.

He put my handle on the cupboard and we kind of stood around the kitchen chatting for a bit. I could feel myself becoming less resentful – he had this way of really focussing on me when he talked as if he really wanted to make a connection. His demeanour became a lot warmer and more friendly. He was very chatty and open – as I’ve said previously in this blog, I am drawn more to “motor mouths” than people who don’t talk a lot, so it didn’t take long for me to relax. That said, the text message was the elephant in the room and made its presence felt as far as I was concerned, so I knew we would only ever be friends, and possibly not even good friends because it was clear to me he had lied to someone who was special, which didn’t sit well with me.

We went downstairs where I showed him my beautiful piano (more on my piano another time). Naturally I had my piano play St Elmo’s Fire with Kenny G. Then shortly after that he left. It was entirely a friends-only visit, and possibly as far as I was concerned not even “friends”. I didn’t expect to or want to hear from him again.

I went to pick up the kids from their dad’s and was at home getting ready for bed when a text came through from him:

“u were vry sexy when u put yr knee on the piano stool 😬”

The message actually made me upset. Plus all I had done at one point when I was setting up the piano and Kenny G was just rest my knee on the stool as I was leaning forward to place the Ipad on the music stand, so it was entirely innocent on my part and I definitely wasn’t intending to be sexy.

I replied,

“You’re easily pleased. I’m off to bed, goodnight, thanks for putting the door handle on”.

His response came through quickly.

“No worries night sexy”.

All I could think after that was: good grief, what the heck is going on? 

To be continued…






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