My eyes, my eyes

Well, I’ve done the project…just need to pop into Lincraft this morning to procure a final touch. My eyes are so tired, even though I just woke up. I didn’t think that would be an effect. All day yesterday they were also. At first I thought it might be my new makeup irritating me, then I thought maybe I had an iron deficiency but on waking this morning with my eyes still sore, I figured it must be eye strain. So no more embroidery for a while for me. I’m almost out of Sulky Silky Fabri Solvy anyway. That’s the stupid name for an ingenious way of transferring templates to fabric.

Once I finish of this project I will post a photo here. Then I will likely hide it away so I don’t get questions from my kids. I know very well who it’s directed to but I just don’t want my kids – or anyone else for that matter – speculating.


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