Small project complete

As I sit here shivering in a three degree morning, I provide an update. I call it “Eurydice”:


Eurydice Dixon was a young woman who was raped and murdered on the streets of Melbourne in the early hours one morning last week.

I have move onto another project in a similar style, trying to tap into another emotion. I discovered it yesterday, downloaded some images and started to work. One has worked really well, the other has gone in the bin. However, I think it was meant to be, because it dawned on me what I need to sew, in keeping with what I’m feeling. Next task was actually finding the image. I thought I had saved it but I went through all my photos with no luck. Then I went to my Pinterest and found it there. It was a photo though, and not a sketch. However…. modern technology is a wonderful thing, I found a free app that could turn it into a sketch. Voila! I’m so excited about it, and can’t wait to start. I intend to do a display of it but the only problem is it’s somewhat risqué and for my eyes only, so whereas I posted Eurydice on Facebook and Instagram, I don’t think I can do the same with this one, unless I exclude my kids from seeing it.

I expect I will finish the project this evening but I’m telling myself – don’t rush, make it perfect….I think that’s why the second image I did last night didn’t work, I was rushing so much I settled for work that wasn’t satisfactory to my perfectionist inklings.


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