Been ages

I have been feeling like trying blogging lately and remembered I had this site so resurrected it.  May as well keep using it.

I still go through frenetic stages of crocheting. The mini craze faded somewhat, as did amigurumi in general. I still love the idea of both but I think it was a matter of not finding a pattern that inspired me.

I got into macramé which I loved and made a number of plant hangers. Also took up tatting which I also enjoyed, but that was very tiring on the hands and eyes. Then I drifted into African flower crocheting.  I almost finished a dog then lost interest and still haven’t finished it!  I also did some painting by numbers although this craze didn’t last all that long. It’s been maybe a month or so since I’ve done any craft. Not sure that that is the best thing for me as if I don’t do something crafty I just lounge in front of the tv of an evening and binge watch Netflix or other streaming.  I don’t like wasting my life in that way but I think it’s a matter of just wanting to “veg out” after work and other stresses.  Actually, I can’t honestly say that I don’t enjoy some shows I watch on streaming TV or regular TV – I do enjoy what I watch or I wouldn’t choose them! There’s such a variety of programmes available that one doesn’t have to resort to harming one’s brain cells by watching trash like Love Island or similar.

In any event, back to topic …. I have now fallen into another craft and I have to say that I do like the enthusiasm something like that stirs up, that happy feeling of creativity.

This particular craze is a type of embroidery. I have been doing embroidery of one type or other for maybe 14 or 15 years. Not consistently, but over the years I will see a piece that sparks my interest and then I will launch into it again. I’ve done stumpwork, thread embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, redwork, embroidery with beads, and sometimes pieces that combine elements of all of those.  I wouldn’t be able to say which was my favourite, possibly stumpwork??  I love the 3D effect but of course that’s the trickiest of all of the ‘genres’!

So, a short time ago I came across some pieces by someone called Sheena Lim. Pictures speak louder than words:


I really like the simplicity and the way she has worked the hair of course.  The hair really makes the pieces.  Unfortunately I couldn’t see that she produces patterns or anything so what I did yesterday was take a screenshot of one of her sketches, printed it out and am now using it as a template. It’s a quick, easy work, and I’m now working on the hair after spending a bit of time on figuring out how to secure it properly to the work. I will post a pic when I’m finished, giving all credit to Sheena of course and I don’t intend to sell it. It’s just for my enjoyment.

I thought I would branch out a bit and use the same style and concept on other sketches that aren’t Sheena’s, so I googled and downloaded some images and am ready to do another one just as soon as I finish the Sheena one.

So this is my new project. They are so quick and easy to do that I can do one in an evening so I have ideas of doing a wall display of my work.

I really need something like this right now as I am experiencing a nagging tension, mainly to do with matters that are external to my “adagio” home life. But this blog isn’t about that side of my life so I won’t go into them.

In regard to other matters, the bulbs I have planted in the garden in recent weeks are starting to burst through. My winter garden is coming to life. Images of this can be seen on my Instagram.





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